Check Canopy: Biograghical Fiction Novel by Jack Welsh a Legion Member:

Fayetteville, NC

An Army Colonel reflects on his life and career after losing a battle against kidney disease, largely because he was in denial that anything was wrong and there was always something more pressing to do. The book takes the reader through Cold War assignments in Europe, missions in support of Haiti and Bosnia and post 9/11 support, while his wife and children not only endured multiple moves, new schools, job hunting and leaving friends, they excelled. Through the medical marvel of dialysis and the miracle of a transplant, he could continue working, watch his two children complete graduate school, and walk his daughter down the aisle. Check Canopy is dedicated to the author's sister, Nancy Winship, who selflessly donated a kidney. The book is available in Paperback and eBook format on most on line book retailers..

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