Tyra Winters with Jason Castleberry


Post 100 recognizes youth who performed lifesaving act

Royse City, TX

On Feb. 6 Jason Castleberry of Royse City, Texas, presented Tyra Winters of Rockwall High School with the American Legion Heroism Medal and the American Legion Auxiliary Youth Hero Award.
In September, Tyra was on a parade float when she noticed a child was choking. Without missing a beat she jumped off the float, ran over to the child, picked up the child and performed the Heimlich maneuver and got the child breathing again. After all of that, she went and got back on the float and finished the parade.
Ronald Reagan said it best" "Those who say we live in a time when there are no heroes just don't know where to look. You can see heroes everyday." These words are so true; being a hero isn't about jumping tall buildings or wearing a cape, it's about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Tyra chose to take the initiative and saved a child because of her actions. The Royse City American Legion post is honored to have recognized her for her actions.

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