Semper Paratus - Always Ready

Museums can be found just about anywhere. A museum stands as a tribute to history. Museums dedicated to our country’s military and the wars that have been fought, both at home and abroad, can be found from New York to California - except one. One military museum remains to be constructed to honor the brave men and women who for 232 years have defended our shores, protected our ships and rescued us when hope seemed lost. The remaining military museum to honor those who have served and educate others is for the United States Coast Guard.

The United States Coast Guard is the only branch of military service that has not had its history enshrined in a brick-and-mortar building. The history of the Coast Guard is nearly as old as the nation itself, starting as Alexander Hamilton’s Revenue Cutter Service collecting tariffs for the newly formed United States. Hamilton lobbied Congress to construct four cutters for these efforts and succeeded on Aug. 4, 1790, which the Coast Guard celebrates as its official birthday.

When disaster comes calling on our shores and waterways, Semper Paratus - Always Ready - defines what the Coast Guard means for our country. Because of the operational flexibility the Coast Guard operates with, help comes quickly. Rescues, escorts, searches and security happen every day across the country and the world by these brave men and women. It is time for our country to honor these Guardians with a permanent exhibition that memorializes these heroic acts - acts that have occurred daily for 232 years. The United States Coast Guard Museum will serve to honor, engage, educate and inspire.

The United States Coast Guard Museum will be located in New London, Conn., along the Thames River. The museum will be 80,000 square feet, five decks, 200 galleries, on site and in water Coast Guard assets including the tall-masted ship USCGC Barque Eagle positioned alongside the pier when not underway for Academy cadets. On Aug. 19, 2022, a keel laying ceremony was held to celebrate the commencement of construction of the United States Coast Guard Museum.

But as the Coast Guard has delivered when the most is expected, now is the time to do the most for them. Visit our website at to learn more.

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