San Juan Hill, Ardennes, Iwo Jima, Pork Chop Hill, The Tet,
From mounted horse and saber, to A bomb and supersonic jet.
Our country’s freedom has been challenged time and again.
Many seas and lands have been bloodied by patriotic men.

The sometimes tattered but cherished cloth of stars and bars,
Symbolizes the firm belief that the people rule, not Kings or Czars!
From the shot heard round the world of Concord’s ragged band
To the steamy unpopular jungles of South Viet Nam’s land.

Each time tyranny knocked at the Republic’s wall,
Thousands have risen to answer Freedom’s call.
Though often from those brave men life itself was torn,
They knew that it was better to die free than live under slavery’s scorn.

Yet, who has really won the glorious victories of this land?
They were men of prayer and faith with Bibles in their hands.
While men of duty are needed and the desire to be free,
There is no true freedom save at the foot of Calvary’s tree.

Soldiers will falter and weapons will fail.
Only faith in Christ will weather every gale.
Oh, America, Land that I love, may it ever be said of thee
That you’re a nation under God, then forever you will be free!

©Copyright July 4, 1987 by Ronald E. Shultz

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