“Wildcat, Thunder in the Sky”

“Wildcat, Thunder in the Sky” This never-before-seen documentary film was lost in a flood, but the master was found and I am re-releasing it.
The film was originally shot by LMA Studio’s Hollywood in 1989, and funded by Robert Reiss. On Mr. Reiss’ behalf I worked as a pilot and assistant producer on this film, organizing aircraft, flight crews and interviewees. The F4F Wildcat (1939) and F-14 Tomcat (1969) are the first cat and last cats of the eight Cat Navy fighters. It is the only in-flight film of these two Navy fighters, and it includes the establishment of GM’s Eastern Aviation and the FM-2 and TBM.
I now own the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in this film. This DVD film is available on Amazon as well as my website.

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