Making A Marine in the 21st Century

Making a Marine in the 21st Century is the ultimate guide to Marine Corps Recruit Training. Aspiring new recruits, recruiters, parents, family members, loved ones and Marines of all generations will want to read this book. This father and son journey sets forth what every new recruit will need to know; what everyone in the recruits family will want to know about MCRD. This is a detailed account of what it takes to become a Marine in the 21st Century. This is a father and son story told through correspondence and heartfelt analysis of working to become a Marine. Here is the foresight on what to expect and the encouragement to complete the journey to become a United States Marine. This is a wonderful account of the full experience of Marine Boot Camp as told through LCPL Drew Cooper and his dad. Not only does a new recruit learn what to expect; but the entire family learns what is needed to endure as the Recruit works his way to becoming a Marine. Semper Fi.

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