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ALR 268 Color and Honor Guard

Post # 268 - Riviera Beach, FL

It didn't happen overnight, but ALR 268 finally is being recognized as a positive influence in Riveria Beach, FL, Post 268, and the surrounding communities. Once the looks go past the leather vest and loud pipes of the motorcycles, people see the warm-hearted, true American veterans that is our membership. We have raised more than $30,000 for the local VA Hospital OEF/OIF veterans at Christmas, particiated in countless parades, dedications and memorials.

Our mission statement to promote Legion programs has led the Riders to be in numerous publications, so in an effort to further our positive image, we put together a Rider Color and Honor Guard. In fact, we believe it's the first all female Rider Color Guard!! We are very proud of all of our members, and appreciate all the hours our Guard volunteers must put in to make the rest of us look so good!!

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