A Poem
William T. Elliott

Long ago I held a grudge
from wars I'd fought that wouldn't budge.
I lost the battle and the war
from those I'd fought so long before,
and hated them , I could not win,
it was for me a greatly sin.

Through the years I tried to win
and held onto this greatly sin
and held onto this grudge of hate
for those that cared not for my fate.

And then one day while playing with a
kitten that did like to play
I realized that the kitten small
really had no grudge at all.

And if I could be like my friend
I could then lose my greatly sin.
And so I thought a little while
and then I hit upon a style
of let it go and let it be,
it was for me the land of free.

Now I sit and laugh about
the grudge I used to hold,
and I'm even happier if the truth be told.
So let it go and let it be
you'll thank me true my friend.
It is the end of war I fought,
Thank God it was the end I sought.

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