To Honor Fallen Heroes: How A Small German-American Village in New York City Experienced the Great War

To Honor Fallen Heroes tells the story of College Point, a tiny enclave in Queens, New York in the years leading up to, during, and to a limited extent, after World War One. The hamlet was German in origin, thus it had a largely German population. It was primarily industrial, its numerous factories awarded many contracts for the production of materials used in war, anything from gun barrels and rifle shells to submarine chasers and airplanes. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was a destination place for large numbers of entertainment-seeking New Yorkers, but from 1914 on its townspeople weathered movements and events; labor strife, anti-German sentiment, espionage, the influenza epidemic, and a host of other forces that impacted American culture in general, and their lives in particular. More than six hundred fifty men went willingly to war. They served in the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Merchant Marine. Twenty-eight died. Their stories are told in brief vignettes.

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