What’s in a Name?

A name is just a couple words
Put together for us all
But grows to something larger
When it’s etched upon the wall

Now, it paints a picture,
Takes on a life, all of its own
It represents a loved one
That a family once had known

It speaks of all the happy times
And the times when they all cried
And also tells of how he lived
And most certainly how he died

To all his new found brothers
It’s a story they all shared
Of times all full of courage
And times when they were scared
It speaks of a sacred bonding
That will last them for all time
And a key to all the memories
Locked away inside their minds

Now imagine if these stories
Altogether, began to play
You’d see just what a soldier sees
On each and every day

So pay a visit to the wall
And when you see a veteran kneeling
Offer up a little prayer
It will help him with his healing

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