US281 American Legion Memorial Highway

I had first heard about the American Legion Memorial Highway in 1997, from, I believe, a Legion-related story. I immediately began plans to travel the full route, because all bikers know, we just need a reason to get out on the highway and back-roads.

Being from central Indiana, US281 was only going to be part of the trip. Once the journey began we found ourselves learning history and other facts about this great country. We saw memorials to Japanese internment camps, and discovered that Arkansas grew more rice than I'd ever imagined. Once we dead-ended at the Gulf in Louisiana, we headed west to follow the coast all the way to Brownsville. Once again we headed west and followed the Rio Grande to McAllen, Texas, where US281 starts, or ends, depending which direction you're headed. We traveled a leisurely pace and were able to see many interesting things along the way. We saw the geographical center of the US. We marveled at the "Wheel Turtle" in Dunseith, N.D., and admired the International Peace Garden on the border between the US and Canada.

I am so happy to see US281 mentioned in a recent issue of The American Legion magazine. More citizens should know about this wonderful tribute to the Legion!

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