Garage Sittin'

Most veterans do not talk about their experiences, especially to people they do not know well. I notice today more veterans proudly wearing ball caps with their veteran’s affiliation and the war in which they fought. I am happy to see this happening; it is about time. I am a Vietnam veteran. I served two tours aboard the USS John Paul Jones- 1970 and 1972 and remember when we returned in 1970, they told us not to wear our uniforms in public. People hated you. At first, I did not understand; I was proud of the uniform and our country. I thought what we were doing to help the South Vietnamese was right. After discharge from active duty, I remained in the reserves for 26 years. The lesson I learned in 1970 has stayed with me all this time. You should keep your feelings and experiences to yourself. It has been 50 years and just now I am seeing people thanking veterans for service. The pride I retained all these years is rising to the surface. I am 75 years old and disabled from that time so long ago. On an enjoyable day I sit in my garage and think about war in Vietnam, friends I retained and friends I have lost who I have not forgotten. I thought it is time I express to the public my state of mind. Sitting there in my garage I wrote the lyrics to my song (Garage Sittin’) and with the help of my producer, Gene Ort. We published my thoughts on being a Vietnam veteran. I hope the lyrics will make you interested in hearing the whole song on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music. I plan to donate anything made from this song to veterans.

Viet Nam was a long time ago
Shadows in my mind, I know.
Memories that don’t go away
For everyone we lost I pray.
Some folks don’t have any pride
They don’t understand why soldiers died
Such a terrible priced we paid
But there was no welcome home parade
Just those lonely nightmares

So, I began Garage Sittin’ watching the flag flow
Wavin’ to people I don’t even know
A cold beer and an old lawn chair.
Yeah, I’m smilin’ as they stare
Garage Sittin’ my pride showin’ through
It’s my country, too!

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