Torii Teller

This is a poem written by Marine Cpl. Bob Klein, who was the editor of the Torii Teller Magazine in 1962. He wrote the poem in hopes of reuniting with his fellow Marines from 60 years ago.

Torii Teller

'Twas many years ago in faraway Japan
A group of Marines published the Torii Teller that ran
Throughout the islands of Japan
So everybody would know and how to become a fan.

They labored and labored to ensure its accuracy
And became the closes of friends in their effors
Because they wanted to make sure its prophecy
Would live long after return home you see.

They were also connected to the Far East Network
That would broadcast to Marines everywhere
Exactly what was happening in Iwakuni & beware
of everything that was going on and how to prepare.

Bob Klein Former corporal, USMC
Assistant Editor,
Torri Teller

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