Check Presentation to Save A Warrior in June 2015


How about that?

Marietta, PA

On April 12, 2015, I had only been with the Riders for a short period of time, but prior to my full involvement they had set up a charity ride for Save A Warrior, an organization that helps veterans with PTSD, holistically, and other challenges. Well, on that day, I realized how much one small post in Marietta, Pa., can do - we had THE biggest turnout the post had ever seen for a ride. We had a record-breaking 345 signups, there were bikes lined down the street, we could barely fit everyone in the post. It was a great success and shows what the reason for the Legion Riders is: we are here to support our posts and especially help support our veterans. I honestly do not remember the the total amount we raised on that day, but every time I ride in an event for the Legion Riders or organize one, I cannot help but think back and remember what we did.

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