Left to right: Burt Quintanilla (Post 10), John Hafner (Dist 20 CDR), Dan Martin (Post 10 – vintage military vehicles), Ralph Celento (Post 10), Nick Benedetto (Post 10).


Texas District 20/Post 10 at The Alamo

Post 10 - San Antonio, TX

On Veterans Day 2021, American Legion Texas District 20 and San Antonio Post 10 were well represented at the most famous of historical sites within the state: The Alamo. The Veterans Day event represented a two-week-long series of events organized by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and entitled “Celebrate America’s Military” (CAM). This program allowed the City of San Antonio, Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA), local veteran service organizations and the citizens of South Texas to recognize, honor and learn more about our military veterans. It was another God Bless America Day in South Texas!

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