Vet needed help

West Lafayette, IN

In November 2021, a veteran from Post 0777, Allan Buttner, contacted American Legion Post 0492 in West Lafayette, Ind. I, the adjutant of Post 0492, was given this task. Buttner could get a truck from U-HAUL, but no one to help him. I, Shane Thomas, was given the mission to get this done. I called on Sons Commander Joe Morehouse and Chaplain Dave McKinney. In two separate meetings together we could not get joint Legions to help in Evansville. Joe and Dave recruited 2nd Vice Bobby Landreth and some guys from Tippecanoe County Work Release. They got the van loaded and car in tow, so Work Release was sent back to the county. Morehouse and Landreth followed in the Legion van so they had a return ride. The two of them unloaded the truck and got the car returned to a U-HAUL and returned to West Lafayette, mission completed.

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