Members of Post 302 at Marcus Theatre.


Great balls of fire!

302 - Fenton (St. Louis), MO

How do you get a group of military veterans of all different ages together and have them agree on a common theme? It's really quite simple! You turn and burn down to your local movie theatre to see a pro-military film and right now, there is nothing more pro-military than "Top Gun: Maverick!" When the members of Missouri Post 302 felt the need for speed, they planned their meeting at the Marcus Des Peres Cinema in St. Louis. They went below the hard-deck and took full advantage of the $5 Tuesday pricing, while in the comfort of the dream lounger reclining seats, all while watching the DLX super screen! When it comes time to buzz the tower, the only way to do it is in full IMAX! It's like going Mach 2 with your hair on fire! So get your favorite wingman and go inverted to your local theatre to plan your next social event! Yee-haw!

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