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American Legion Post 155 Legionnaire of The Year!

Blanton-Thompson Post #155 - Crystal River, FL

On Saturday, May 8, 2010 a special awards dinner banquet was held at American Legion Post 155 for the purpose of presenting the American Legion Post 155 Legionnaire of the Year Award. With over 10 nominations for the award, it was a very tough selection as fellow Legionnaire Tom Bassitt was selected as American Legion Post 155, 2010 Legionnaire of the Year.

Escorted into the banquet room by the American Legion Post 155 Honor Guard Captain Joe Barry, Tom Bassitt was honored by the Honor Guard presenting Arms and a standing ovation from the American Legion Post 155 family members.

Tom Bassitt’s selection became easy when you look at what he had accomplished in the 2009/2010 year. As an executive committee member he made the tough choices of running the everyday business of the post. He volunteered to help in the kitchen two-to-three times per week when the rest of those days he helped the commander and lounge manager run the everyday operations of the lounge from sunrise to sunset. His zealous dedication to The American Legion Post 155 family was second to none!

“This was much unexpected and I feel honored that out of 1,300 plus members I was selected,” Tom Bassitt, American Legion Post #155 2010 Legionnaire of The Year said.

For more information on the fastest growing Veterans Organization in Citrus County the American Legion Post #155 call our membership Chairman Post 1st Vice Commander Jay Conti Sr. at 352-795-6526 or visit us on the web at www.post155.org.

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