Green Bay, WI

The year was 1927 ...

Meet Gloria Cinka, an almost 3-year-old American-born German girl whose world would soon be torn apart, exiled by her immigrant mother and sent to live in an orphanage in Czechoslovakia. Unaware at her young age that she could have ever imagined the impending horror that was to come; a horror that would plunge her into the middle of World War II, the devastation of Europe and the madness of an insane dictator.

Years later in 1945, as the invading Russian army advanced into a defeated Germany, a 19-year-old Gloria would have to flee for her life along with millions of displaced Germans. She would soon learn how dangerous her world would become and how frightening it would be to cross a war-torn Germany as her innermost fears would become a terrifying reality.
The story of Gloria spans three generations, two continents, a love story, and a battle for survival over near-impossible odds

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