I went through basic in the summer of 1970. As a civilian, I auditioned for the Air Force Academy Band (Drum & Bugle Corps Unit), and got accepted, then enlisted and went to basic with orders to report to the Academy as a musician, after basic.
During my leave that following Christmas, I went home to get married. During the honeymoon, I got food poisoning and was very sick. I live in the Chicago area, so I went to the Great Lakes Naval Hospital to get checked out. Keep in mind, this is 1970.
The naval doctor took tests and nailed it right away, and said I had food poisoning. He asked me if I wanted to be admitted to the hospital. I thought a moment, and replied “no, I don’t think so.” The doctor asked me why not?
“First of all, I’m in the Air Force, not the Navy nor Marines, second I play in the band at the Air Force Academy, and third, I’m here because I got food poisoning on my honeymoon. I don’t think I will get a lot of sympathy up in the wards!” I'd probably wind up next to some Marine who lost his legs in "Nam".
I took the next flight home, and went to my hospital in Colorado.

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