Post Commander Al Alford conducts Buddy Checks at the post on Halloween. (Photo by Burrell Parmer, Post 828 Judge Advocate)


Fred Brock Post 828 performs Buddy Checks on Halloween

San Antonio, TX

SAN ANTONIO – (Oct. 31, 2020) While many were preparing for annual Halloween festivities, executive board members of Fred Brock American Legion Post 828 performed Buddy Checks on their active and in-active members at the post.
The Buddy Check program, which was launched in March 2019, encourages posts to reach out to veterans in their areas – members, former members and others – to see what The American Legion could do for them, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

According to National , the Buddy Headquarters, the Buddy Check program is perhaps more important now than ever before with COVID-19 affecting the nation.

“We look out for our members; active or inactive,” said Post Commander Al Alford. “Buddy Checks provide the post with another system to check on our members, keep them informed and assist them when needed.”

Assisting Post 828 in making Buddy Checks was Legionnaire Danny Muth of William M. Randolph American Legion Post 593 in Converse, Texas, and the vice commander of District 20.

“As a member of the 20th District Executive Board, it is important that we assist the posts within the district,” said Muth. “Buddy Checks and membership drives are two of the most important events that the posts of the 20th District can be doing.”

According to Muth, the Buddy Check program is an important tool for American Legion posts to reach out and check on the health and welfare of their members in these trying times.

“With the isolation caused by COVID-19, it is even more critical to reach out to our members and all veterans to ask about their needs and requirements,” said Muth. “Sometimes just a phone call is all that is needed to let our veterans know that we are there for them.”

The post made more than 250 calls. In talking with the inactive members, many stated they would reinstate their membership by visiting the post, which is currently open on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4 p.m. to midnight.

District 20 Vice Commander Danny Muth of William M. Randolph American Legion Post No. 593 in Converse, Texas, assisted Post 828 in conducting Buddy Checks and completed member data forms. (Photo by Burrell Parmer, Post 828 Judge Advocate)

Post 828 Chaplain Patricia Wimberly conducts Buddy Checks at the post. (Photo by Burrell Parmer, Post 828 Judge Advocate)
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