Beads of Water: Finding Relief: Notes and Poems about living 70+ years with PTSD

Publisher's description:

Beads of Water equips you to better understand PTSD whether you are a victim or you interact with a victim as a therapy provider, family member, or friend. The author, a retired college professor, acquired severe PTSD in early childhood, around 1941, when the disorder was unknown. Throughout his life he struggled to function normally despite what are now called flashbacks of emotions like anxiety, dread, fear, and depression that seemed to strike him out of nowhere. With no understanding of why he was visited by these sometimes powerful emotions, he believed his only course of action was to resist and stand strong. His internal struggles and suffering exacted a high cost, however, because they placed intense strains on his relationships with the people he loved. At age 65 he was finally diagnosed with PTSD, and using the research skills acquired during his PhD training, he began a journey of learning, understanding, and healing. This book is his effort to help others cope more effectively with PTSD using simple techniques he found in numerous sources ranging from ancient wisdom to the latest concepts in psychotherapy and brain science. The narrative is heartfelt and frequently moving. The material is unusual in blending candid and sometimes deeply intimate details of his personal life with important philosophical and scientific insights. The text sometimes introduces advanced ideas, but the presentation and language are always clear and easy to understand by the average reader.

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