It is great to be from a country that is free
We don’t respect it until we have crossed the sea
I am thrown in a country so far away
I still don’t understand it till this day

They gave us guns, helmets and gear
And you put them on because we didn’t know what to fear,
All I could think of was my home so far away
And hoping I would see you another day.

As I was sent out to find the enemy within
I prayed for the night to get over soon and to come to an end
With a platoon of men about my age,
I prayed to god to protect us on this stage.

As we wade through the rice paddies our tension is high
We continue on as we passed other men by
I count the bullets shot at us one by one
I hoped my name was not from this gun

I was blown off a tank when it hit a mine
As I hit the ground near a tree line
We began firing so we wouldn’t get hit
And cleaned the mess up and reorganized bit by bit.

We are now men of a fighting Machine
You will know us as the Army, Navy, Air Force and the United States Marines.

Our MIA’s are still in Vietnam today
There are thousands of them trying to find their way
Lets pray that they come home someday
God bless our veterans on this Memorial Day

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