Using the Purple Heart Medal to stop Violence

As one of many soldiers who survived our wartime wounds, we understand we have been chosen to guard the door to which all soldiers passed through to their death in defense of America’s principals and freedoms. One way to make sure they are never forgotten is find ways to have the symbol of their sacrifices help solve our problems of violence in America.
Some of those ways could be by displaying the Purple Heart symbol in all public areas by flying Purple Heart Flags under our American flags and posting Purple Heart Banners in public gathering places. We must somehow shift mental programing of violence over to understanding violence is only to be used in times of wars and only cowards use guns on innocent people.
Using murderous violence against unarmed innocent American citizens is an act of a cowardice gone wild and should be dealt with in the harshest of ways. Pictures of assaulters should not be published as it promotes the popularity of being infamous. Families of convicted mass shooters need to understand they will be held financially liable for violence committed by family members.
We need to make all citizens understand (especially the young) that a million plus soldiers have sacrificed their lives to permit us to live in freedom. Our many rights of equality for all national origins, religions, races, nationalities, genders and ages has elevated our country to being the greatest Nation in the World.

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