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Armed Forces Day 2010

Lake Stevens Memorial Post 181 - Lake Stevens, WA

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, community members joined American Legion Post 181 in Lake Stevens, Washington, to show support for our military. The photo was taken by Unit 181 Auxiliary Junior Member Kat Isom who volunteers on a regular basis to document activities by the local Legionnaires. There were about 100 people in attendance, with only 80 or so showing in the picture. Many others were very much aware of the event because of the announcement in the local paper a few days before and the fly-by that was performed by the BlackJacks, a local flying club of former military or commercial pilots, during the photo event. People all around the area witnessed the formation of planes on their approach and knew it was part of the Armed Forces Day Salute to all our military men and women serving around the country and around the world. Blue Star Service Banners were presented to three families who were there, and everyone enjoyed the beautiful Saturday in the Pacific Northwest.

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