Summation of USMC duty

Laurens, NY

USMC Enlistment, 1/1972 to 1/1976

1/1972 till 7/1972 Boot Camp (Parris Island, S.C.)
7/1972 till 9/1972 Radio School [assigned 2nd MARDIV, I think](San Diego)
9/1972 till 10/1972 Awaiting orders overseas (Camp Pendleton, Calif., near the back gates by Camp David)
10/1972 till 10/1973 Okinawa, main base at Camp Courtney but was all over the island, was assigned to 1st MARDIV Hq. Company (Communication platoon)
With all the forced marches I developed shin splints; as they were never allowed to properly heal at that time, to this day whenever I walk or run hard they brother me.
I took many side tours, twice to the Philippines
1) Air Fire Support
2) Naval Fire Support
Saw Bob Hope during one of those visits. so had to be about December 1972.I was in “Operation Golden Dragon” in February 1973.

10/1973 till 1/1976 Camp Lejeune [assigned 2nd MARDIV, I think], but there again I went on many side tours. The first unit I was with was Hq Comm. Company (was in Field Radio, trained with Radio Vans and cross-trained for WIRE).
In late 1974 or maybe early 1975 I was temp. assigned to 3.2 (I think), sent to many places from there.
Onslow Beach for joint service Exercise "Solid Shield." I was there.
We had jungle training in Panama, visited Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica for more training. We got a weekend pass in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., so must have done good. I barely got back to Camp Lejeune when I again left. This time for guard duty in Cuba, should have been eight months but was held over till December 1975. Got back to Camp Lejeune in time to be discharged on Jan. 8, 1976.

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