“Mission Complete Ceremony" at veteran Fred Smith's residence located 108 Belvidere St on March 6 beginning at 11 AM. PHH members and staff, along with members of American Legion Posts 68, 543 and MOAA, will be present in recognizing the veteran for his service.


Local veteran in need receives assistance by fellow area veterans

Leland, NC

John E. Jacobs American Legion Post 68 of Leland was informed in March 2022 of a local Leland veteran in need of assistance due to storm damage from Hurricane Florence to his residence. Post 68 then contacted the veteran in need. Post 68 and Kobe Kelly of the Navy Seabee Veterans of America (NSVA), Island X-5, Cape Fear Chapter surveyed the extent of water damage caused to the house flooring as well as damage to some supporting underlying joists and kitchen cabinets and countertops. The Veterans Homeowner's Insurance failed to cover the majority of the damage incurred. Attempts were first made by the veteran to seek assistance from VA but was unable to secure the needed assistance required in replacing flooring and damage to supporting joist and kitchen areas. Post 68 Service Officer Lane Adrian, Post 68 member Kobe Kelley and American Legion Post 543 Service Officer Steve Muir surveyed the damage and prepared a detailed floor diagram listing the total square footage of hardwood flooring required to replace the damage flooring throughout the home. A meeting was then held with the Lowes Home Improvement Company in Southport to request their assistance through their Hometown Hero's program. The Southport Lowes stepped up and provided the flooring necessary for the main living areas involving living room, dining, kitchen and hallway. Donations from Lowes covered a good portion of the necessary repairs. The three bedrooms, two baths, along with cabinets and counters in the kitchen needed additional funding assistance. Lowes stepped up again by aiding us and identifying another funding source. The veteran’s house still needed a lot of materials and labor assistance in completing the task. The Lowes Corporate HQ representative contacted Purple Heart Homes (PHH), a national nonprofit organization. PHH agreed to provide the additional assistance needed to restore the home with new flooring, kitchen cabinets and counters. As a result of this undertaking the costs incurred were covered by: PHH, two American Legion posts: Leland, Post 68 and St. James, Post 543, along with the SENCLAD Military Offices Association of America (MOAA) have contributed financial assistance to complete the project. PHH will be conducting their “Mission Complete Ceremony" at veteran Fred Smith's residence on March 6, 2023. The Post 68 Color Guard will be there to present the colors.

John E. Jacobs American Legion Post 68 Service Officer Lane Adrian
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