My first 50-mile trail race

Willoughby, OH

While working four 10-hour days a week, I trained on Thursdays and Saturdays for a month to attempt my first 50-mile trail race. I ran 5 to 7 miles on Thursdays and 20 miles on Saturdays with hill training in the runs. I completed 50 miles of training and headed to the Tuscazoar 100/50 Mile Trail Race. This was a difficult trail race with hills, rocks and roots. It was a 25-mile loop and I need two laps for my 100 Miles for Hope. After completing my first loop I knew it was indeed a hard first 50-miler. My second loop went well for the front half and my struggle was going to be with the back half of the trail race and at night. I put my lights on, grabbed my sticks and headed into the night for a long fight up hills, rocks, roots and a lot of single-lane trails. After 18 hours and 4 minutes, I completed my first 50-mile trail race and my 100 Miles for Hope. Thank you all for your service.

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