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About Legiontown U.S.A.

Legiontown is our town. It is your town. It is America’s town. The ‘Legiontown’ designation occurs where Legion family members dedicate themselves to a cause greater than themselves. It occurs every time Legionnaires visit patients in a VA hospital, or pay final respects during a veteran’s funeral. It occurs when a Legion post converts itself into a make-shift shelter after a weather emergency, or when a post sponsors an amateur baseball team that teaches young people sportsmanship. Legiontown members live by the words of Legionnaire and former president John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

Legiontown is The American Legion. In the words of country music artist Michael Peterson: “It’s who we are.” Thousands of Legiontowns are in the United States and overseas. They provide service to troops, young people, communities and veterans. Found here are just some of their stories. Help us make this Legiontown, USA, Web site complete. Please create an account and submit a story and photo of your post, squadron or unit explaining why it deserves to be called a “Legiontown.”