Walkabouts with Dad and Bob on the Mississippi River.


Walkabouts with Dad along the Mississippi River

Dubuque, IA

My dad is Jack Felderman, a retired Navy commander, and he is an active 87 years old. Last December he and I started to walk the local mall. He could barely walk around the entire mall (about half a mile) without having to rest. As time progressed we slowly increased our length in distance and time. Early this year we started to walk outdoors after COVID-19 shut down the mall; even though it was pretty cold and wet some days, we worked our way up to walking every day in the past few months, only missing some when I was traveling. We even walk in the public parking ramp on heavy rain days. My dad still golfs a few times a week, as does my 85-year-old mom. I am not a spring chicken either, just turning 65 years old, and I am a retired Army brigadier general. We are walking 100 miles in support of this effort, and are both proud members of American Legion Post 6, Dubuque, Iowa. I am a former commander, the current second vice commander, and publish our monthly newsletter. While we walk, I often stop to take photographs of flowers, birds, trains, barges, bridges, buildings, my dad and the Mississippi River. I am a full time student out of Denver, taking classes online for a degree in photography. This photo image is of us in the "Point of View" angle that a person would see. It is used for cinematography as if the camera is a person, and I had to take a photo for class while we were on our walkabout for the day. Thanks to all who are participating in this fundraiser and a great cause.

Bob Felderman

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