Post 305 (Texas) member completes 100 miles in 50 days via Walk, Run, Ruck.


Legionnaire walked, ran and rucked 100 miles

Spring, TX

After finishing a virtual Bataan Death March (rucked 60.1 miles) in July, I was happy that The American Legion came up with #100MilesForHope, and signed up immediately. I started off slow, just walking the dog a mile a day. After my kids went back to school, I decided to pick up the pace. I continued to walk the dog 1 mile, but started to run as well. Then I added a mile ruck (weighted backpack). Soon I was walking, running and rucking 3 miles a day. As always, life can get in the way - I lost 6 days of workouts when my daughter was unexpectedly hospitalized. She recovered and is doing well. I set a goal to try to finish the 100 miles before another Legionnaire (unbeknownst to him). Then I realized day 50 of #100MilesForHope was coming up, and I wanted to finish by then. I had to really put the miles in the last few days, but met both goals. I ended up walking (with and without the dog) about 62 miles, running 25 and rucking 13. Thank you, American Legion! Love supporting great causes like The American Legion’s Veterans & Children Foundation.

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