10 days, 100 miles

Easley, SC

I have had three hip replacements, two knee replacements and have 13 heart stents. Until the pandemic shut everything down, I attended cardiac rehab for 25 years, so exercising is not new to me. I have not exercised since March, but the introduction of "100 Miles for Hope" was the challenge I needed to get back in the exercise habit. Because of the virus, attending a gym was not desirable and walking, running, biking or swimming were not feasible. To be a part of the "100 Miles for Hope" I purchased a stationery bike. I rode 30 minutes and 5 miles twice a day (AM & PM). I kept a log of the first 10, days and actually rode 106.9 miles in 10 hours and burnt 3,713 calories. I have just begun and plan to ride another 230 miles before Veterans Day. Thanks for the encouragement to get back into exercising.

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