Guess I'll have to keep going

Sneedville, TN

My part of the woods is not just simply walking, it's more like hiking even just to go to the shed. April is the ideal month to start hiking the local area in the morning with Mr. Weston, my Australian Cattle Dog. There are no gyms in the entire county and I have no gadgets that register any form of life signs. While I'm using the Kilter app to manually enter info, I also found a dog-walking app that tracks my walks and donates to the local animal shelter charity. The dog-walking app doesn't always track all my walks because sometimes I'm not within a cell tower radius (or sometimes it gets a pocket stop), but it still tracks most of the walks. There are actually more miles walked, but 100 is what is registered on the dog-walking app for the month of April.

I started with 2-mile walks, because that is the distance to check on the home owned by another veteran and get exercise at the same time. Then I did a week of 3 miles followed by a week of 4 miles. Once or twice, I did 5 miles but was thinking I was doing 8 miles by the end. So I stepped it back to 3 miles in the morning and another mile in the evening if I felt like it. I know this pace won't continue through the summer because of heat and humidity - and hopefully because things will be getting busier again. So I wanted to get the bulk of the miles done early. I didn't imagine I'd finish the 100 miles in a month.

My initial goal was to just finish the 100-mile challenge. However, I may just have to re-evaluate and keep going for another goal.

p.s. Doc is thrilled to bits at my progress.

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