Fun reconnaissance

I took my basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky in the summer of 1954. I still remember an event that took place while we were learning to preform night reconnaissance patrols. We were sent out in squads at different intervals to gather as much information about the “enemy” as possible. They had machine gun emplacements at different locations and the fake enemy soldiers moving about in dim lighted areas.
After our squad was satisfied we had gathered enough information we turned to go back to the staging area. As we began to make our way back we could hear the low tones and the whispers of voices of another squad making their way near to our position. The one who had been put in charge of our squad asked, “Do you guys want to have some fun?” Of course we were in for anything that would make our night more amusing.
As the approaching squad came closer we all jumped up and yelled, “Halt, you have been captured!” At that there was a scramble of guys running in all directions. We learned later that a couple of those men had gotten so lost that they weren't able to find their way back until the next day. It didn't seem so funny after learning that.

Clarence M. Thompson, Hemlock, Ohio

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