Trick drill team in basic

In May 1959 at Fort Dix, the field first sergeant of a basic training company formed a drill team from new recruits. The field first, a former drill instructor at West Point, took 40 raw recruits and trained them to do 15 minutes' trick drill with one command. The team carried the M1 Garand and, even while on bivouac, were fallen out for drill practice. At graduation the CG of the training center reviewed the team and asked if it could be kept together. Because most of the members had commits for branch assignment, the team had to be disbanded. Basic training was difficult enough, but when there was a break, the drill team had to fall out and get on the tarmac for practice. However, when it was over all of the members were quite proud in our accomplishment. By the way: I was what was called the HUT TWO MAN. When the command HUT TWO was given, a maneuver was initiated by the team.

Paul Duffy
CW3 (retired)

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