Basic training, Fort Gordon, Ga., 1976, A 1-1 1st platoon

A crazy memory I have from basic training was a day on the rifle range. While zeroing our M-16s I told a drill sergeant who was screaming at me to hurry up, "God d---, Drill Sergeant!" He told me to report to my drill sergeant (Kemper) what I said; he told me "I'll take care of you later. So later when we were finished and in company formation, I heard "Private Brown, front and center!" "Oh, s---!" went through my head ! He proceeded to inform the entire company that "Private Brown has a month problem." He told me double-time with my weapon at high port around a football field screaming at the top of my lungs "God d---" until I got it out of my system.
What he didn't expect was that the gung-ho attitude he instilled in my platoon backfired on him, and instead of one private embarrassed, he had an entire platoon running with their comrade! 49 guys screaming "God d---"; it was hilarious!

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