Open House, April 20, 2019, at Pierce Lawton Post 37


Pierce Lawton Post 37 (Bellows Falls, Vt.) open house

Bellows Falls, VT

Post 37 began a post history research project 18 months ago. Seeking articles and artifacts from the local historical society, library, WWII veterans and storage areas of the post, this project took on a life of its own. We began with questions of why our post was named after three young men from our town. Why them? Where did our post hold its meetings from the start? We found we had moved four times. Who were the charter members and what history could we find on them and the past officers of our post? We contacted Department HQ, but they could not help. But we discovered a treasure of information from the home of a WWII veteran, whose father was not only a charter member, but a WWI vet, past commander and past post adjutant and held the paperwork that started the post. The rest was “history”!
Our post now has an accurate history for the first century! Hundreds of hours of research was an honor.


Historical items

Philias Grignon’s WWI uniform

Uniforms of members from WWI to today

Vietnam veterans section

1LT Griignon’s footlocker from WWI

Stephen J. Belaski, WWII and Vermont artist, created wall art in 1954

WWII veterans section
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