Post 519 and K6TAL sponsors "Greatest Generation Appreciation Day"

Palm Springs, CA

At the request of American Legion Post 519 WWII Legion members, Commander Michael Templeton has organized a “Greatest Generation Appreciation Day” on Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018, from 3pm to 7pm.

Again K6TAL will be partnering with Post 519 by holding a special event station, honoring WWII veterans and their families from 3pm to 7pm. We will try to get as many WWII vets on the air as possible - talking to other WWII vets in the country.

We invite all TALARC and CALARS members to participate in the event, whether at their posts or at their QTH. They can act as special event stations and/or relays to K6TAL, who will be coordinating incoming traffic.

We will be transmitting on:
HF 7.278+/- MHz and 14.278+/- MHz
Local repeaters:
DRATS 146.940 - 107.2 MHz
WB6RLC 445.640 - 107.2 MHz

We look forward to everyone participating.

POC: Tom McLean (KJ6DZT) 760.393.1799
Commander Michael Templeton 760.217.2340


Tom McLean
V.P. American Legion Post 519 Amateur Radio Club
Area 5 Commissioner

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