The Honor Guard from American Legion Post 6, Prescott, Arizona, march down the aisle to post the colors at the annual VA Hospice Day of Remembrance on May 17, 2018. From left to right are Joe Weidner, Pat Broderick (behind flag), Sherm Scott, and Commander Dan Tillmans.


VA Hospice Day of Remembrance

Prescott, AZ

Every year the Bob Stump VA Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona, holds a Day of Remembrance ceremony in May for all the families of the veterans who have passed away in the Hospice ward during the past year. This year it was held on May 17, for the 105 veterans who had passed on. With American Legion Ernest A. Love Post 6 providing an honor guard, and various hospital staff and volunteers providing music, poems, and photos of the deceased members, it was a time to celebrate the lives of local heroes who had served their country. Culminating the ceremony was a release of live butterflies, followed by retreat of the colors and a benediction. Afterwards a lunch was served to the families and ceremony participants.
Afterward, family members expressed their profound gratitude for this ceremony to honor their deceased. "I used up a whole pack of tissues," one lady said, "but it was a good cry, brought closure."

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