Post 911 Commander Lynn Thomas, left, and Patti Douglas with the TALMA awards she received.


Ryan Winslow Post 911 member recieves two TALMA awards

Hoover, AL

By Ginger Branson,Post 911 Adjutant
Patti Douglas, public affairs coordinator for Ryan Winslow Post 911, had both arms filled with awards at the Oct. 24 meeting of the post at Hoover Tactical Firearms.

Douglas received the awards from The American Legion Media Alliance, available to members of the American Legion Family who produced media, including, but not limited to public relations, social media, newsletters, etc.

Her journalism career began as a junior at John Carroll High School. By her senior year, Douglas was assistant editor.

“I was active in a journalism and public affairs career for about 25 years, both in the military and as a civilian,” she said. “I received two degrees from Jeff State. With a two-year scholarship, I earned another from the University of Montevallo.”

About three years ago, she became involved with Post 911, where she reestablished the newsletter and became an admin on the Facebook page.

“I received two awards this year from TALMA, one for Publications and one for Visual Media,” she said. “Last year, I took one home for Publications.”

In addition, Douglas has been appointed to the American Legion National Communication and Media Committee for 2023-24.

“I don’t really know where this new activity will take me, but I look forward to working with media professionals from across the country,” she said.

Douglas is also an active member of the Twenty and Four Honor Society for Female Legionnaires, Echelon 50 in Alabama.

(American Legion National Headquarters note: The American Legion Media Alliance no longer exists but the awards contest that Patti Douglas won will continue under the name, Media & Communications Awards Contest. Stay tuned to for more information.)

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