Moina Michael, poppy creator, honored by Georgia Women of Achievement

Gainesville, GA

Moina Michael, the Poppy Lady, devoted her life to those in the service and to veterans. It is appropriate that she was honored by Georgia Women of Achievement, though in life she sought no recognition or reward for herself.

Please watch the video and see the interview with the veteran who was inspired by Moina Michael, and who inspired his daughter to write a book about her and donate the proceeds to families of veterans. The author, Barbara Elizabeth Walsh, is interviewed, as are two of Moina's great-nieces.

If the link below does not come through, please go to, then to Honorees and her name. Please let me know if you need additional information.

(Mr.) Abit Massey, President
Georgia Women of Achievement, 2014-15
Life Member, Paul E. Bolding Post 7
Gainesville, Ga.

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