Welcome to Hillsboro, Mo.

Hillsboro, MO

Boy Scout Tyler Williams of Troop 547 in Hillsboro, Mo., earned the rank of Eagle Scout on July 21, 2016. Tyler is the grandson of Navy veteran Harold Williams and his wife Vonita Williams from Fenton, Mo., who have been huge supporters of Cub Scout Pack 547 and Boy Scout Troop 547.
For Tyler's Eagle project he built a "Welcome to Hillsboro" sign for the city of Hillsboro. Tyler led the project by coming up with the idea, helping design it, raised funds, gathered the supplies and supervised the building and landscaping. From his first day as a Boy Scout Tyler has wanted to build this sign, and has stuck to it even through difficulties obtaining an easement for his original site and having to find a new location. In all it took almost two years and 350 man hours to make his sign a reality.
Tyler started his Scouting career in the first grade as a Cub Scout in Pack 547; as a Cub Scout he earned the ranks of Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos and earned the highest Cub Scout award, the Arrow of Light. He crossed over into Boy Scout Troop 547 in 2010 and thus began his journey to Eagle. As a Boy Scout, Tyler earned the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life and then Eagle. He attended National Youth Leader Training and is a member of The Order of the Arrow which is said to be the honor society of Scouting. On the way he earned 29 Merit Badges, had 110 nights of camping and a total of 189.6 hours of community service. Tyler has been a leader in our troop, teaching and giving leadership to the younger Scouts, and has served as Senior Patrol Leader (4 times), Patrol Leader (4 times) and Troop Guide (2 times). He has also served as a Den Chief for 4 years, which is a Boy Scout who goes and mentors a Cub Scout den at their meetings and activities.
As a Boy Scout Tyler has led his troop in many flag ceremonies for local organizations. A couple of his favorites are the annual Armed Forces Day Ceremony held by Jefferson County, Mo., in Hillsboro and the Boy Scout Memorial Day Good Turn putting American flags on the graves of the fallen heroes in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis.

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