Woburn's new war memorial

woburn, MA

Dec. 7, 2012, was a beautiful day, a beautiful memorial, and a lot of beautiful people that made a dream come true.

As not to forgot anyone, I won't name them all, but I will say that day would not have happened without the help of two beautiful people - Mr. and Mrs. John Flaherty. God Bless them.

I'm so proud of the 10 Gately names on that memorial and all the veterans that gave their lives and others that put themselves in harm's way to keep this country free. I was very proud.

I'm also very proud of the Flahertys, who keep on giving and not asking for anything in return. We are fortunate to have them giving back to the community, where they were born and raised. What a great example to set for all of us.

In closing, let me say when you shake hands with John, you're shaking the hand of true gentleman. I was so honored to meet him.

Special thanks to the Friends of Woburn Veterans for the incredible job on this project.

Sincerely yours,

Richard F. Gately Sr.

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