Heirloom quilt for Krueger Family.


Heirloom quilt

Bolivia, NC

For the past 13 months I and three other people were working on a special project in celebration of my husband, Dennis Krueger's, 75th birthday on Nov. 12 and our 50th wedding anniversary on Nov. 25. I designed and had a quilt made from Dennis' grandfather's (Pvt. Henry Krueger's) WWI Army uniform, his father's (Sgt. Loran Krueger's) WWII Army uniform, and his staff sergeant Vietnam Air Force uniform. I also had all their caps, had them cut in half and Cynthia Amicone embroidered their name, rank, war and whether they served in the Army or Air Force on each one, which was placed above their picture. I also had caps placed on each of the four corners of the quilt with Honor, For Love of Country, Duty, and Courage embroidered on them. I included pockets from the uniforms as well. I had one picture, taken in 1967, of all three of them in their uniforms and I included it. Above that picture the cap was embroidered "Thank You For Your Service." Ken Skelps sized the pictures and made them all black and white with the same background. We then had the pictures placed on cloth. Penny Sillery made the quilt and helped me with the design. Pictures don't do justice to this quilt. Dennis was thrilled with it. I wanted to make a family heirloom and I think I succeeded.

From left: Penny & Dennis Krueger. Right Side: Cynthia Amicone, Ken Skelps & Penny Sillery.
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