Major General Isaac Ingalls Stevens. Mexican and Civil Wars

7 - Newport, RI

Isaac Ingalls Stevens
1818-1862 KIA at Chantilly, Va.
Major General US Volunteers.

One would have to look far and wide to find a military man with a broader history of accomplishments than Isaac Ingalls Stevens. USMA 1839. Fort builder, amazing exploits in the Mexican War, assistant in charge of organizing the Coast Survey, resigning his commission in 1853 to become the first territorial governor of Washington. He requested to be assigned the leader of the Northern Pacific Railroad Survey (St Paul, MN to the Columbia River) on his way to take up his position in the Washington Territory. He resigned his governorship in 1857 to become Washington Territory’s delegate to the House of Representatives. At the outbreak of the Civil War he offered his service to the Union Army. He was appointed Colonel of the NY 79th, the “Highlanders”. He would become Major General in charge of a division. In the aftermath of Second Bull Run, the battle of Chantilly was fought by Stonewall Jackson’s corps that were attempting to block the retreat of the Union Army. Two very promising Union generals were killed in that battle, Phillip Kearney, Jr and Isaac Ingalls Stevens.

Stevens first assignment after graduating from West Point in 1839 was the construction of Fort Adams in Newport, RI where he would marry Margaret Lyman Hazard (the Hazards being one of the 9 founding families of Newport in 1639). Their son, Hazard Stevens, was a Brig. General in the Civil War and a Medal of Honor winner. The family is buried in the Island Cemetery in Newport, RI. Also, Oliver Hazard Perry and Matthew Perry are buried there.

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