Newly painted bridge and marker


Dedication of American Legion Post 344 Memorial Bridge

Rockaway, NJ

The Post 344 (Rockaway Township, N.J.) History Committee, in the process of documenting its history from December 1945 to the present, discovered a letter dated March 22, 1972, to the Morris County Superintendent of Bridges and Culverts requesting that the newly built bridge #889 in front of the post be named, "The American Legion Memorial honor of the township veterans."
After searching the post archives, no letter was found granting their request. The current superintendent was contacted, and after an extensive search of the county archives, a letter was found dated March 29, 1972, from the Morris County Director of Freeholders granting permission to do so.
In keeping with the wishes of their comrades of 45 years ago, Post 344 along with local and county dignitaries conducted a bridge dedication ceremony on June 24, 2017, by unveiling a historical marker at the site of the bridge.

Close up of Memorial Bridge marker
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