Betty Glanville with son-in-law Jack Bailey.


A very special Memorial Day in the Sunshine State

Rockledge, FL

American Legion Post 359, on the Sunshine State’s fabled "Space Coast," was host on Memorial Day to one of the more poignant celebrations this holiday’s many POW/MIA veterans gatherings would witness.
It featured in its thundering motorcycle entourage, 91-year-old Betty Glanville, the widow of Robert "Bob" Glanville, the "Founding Father" of both the Brevard Veterans Council and the expansive and exceptionally stocked Veterans Memorial Center on Merritt Island, Fla.
Bob, a U.S. Navy veteran of both WWII and Korea (and an avid "Indian" motorbike rider in his youth), was director of veterans affairs for Brevard County for 14 years before his death; and he would have had a smile on his face "a mile wide" to see those who turned out to honor his and millions of other veterans' sacrifice and service on a ride that ended at the veterans cemetery he had built and now was laid to rest in, in Titusville.
Hopefully, he’d feel a little peace of mind as well, watching as his wife silently slid her fingers across his carved stone name, knowing she and his family beside her, like many others on this and every other day, truly, will NEVER FORGET.

Alex Glanville

Gathering at the veterans cemetery in Titusville, Fla., Memorial Day 2021.
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