"Why We Stand" commissioned American flag for American Legion Post 12

Bethany - Warr Acres, OK

Recently at the American Legion Post 12 grand reopening open house on March 31, 2023, a beautifully commissioned American flag made entirely out of leather was unveiled by the artist, Chris Harris, a U.S. Army veteran. He painstakingly hand-crafted, embossed and stitched the entire piece entirely by himself. This picture does not do it justice.
The piece is entitled "Why We Stand" and the artist's interpretation goes something like this: "Very much like a new graduate of boot camp or a newly commissioned officer, they are the toast of the town all decked out in their new uniforms and ribbons and look amazing. And we are all so proud of what they represent as far as freedom. But after a veteran goes off to war or endures a conflict and sees things and or gets hurt. they come home very much like the flag before you. Although recognizable, they are worn, weary, battle-scarred with holes in their hearts and soul. That is why this flag is named 'Why We Stand.'"
We are humbled at Post 12 to have it proudly displayed in our newly remodeled Great Hall. If you are ever in the area, it's worth a stop to see it for yourself in person.

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