Urban Kathol home, Hartington, Neb. Though he could not serve himself in World War II, Urby had two sons-in-law serve in the military, one in Vietnam and one in Desert Storm. (Photo by Cory Kathol)


My childhood home and homemade

Hartington, NE

This is the home I grew up in, located in Hartington, Neb. Dad (now deceased) received this special flag for a special birthday. It was flown over the White House, and he truly treasured it. He was a welder and designed/made the porch posts and the custom mounts on which to display the flag. You can zoom in to see the details and PVC pipe. At the onset of World War II, he was the youngest of seven sons and was being inducted when word came of his dad’s death. Being the last son at home then and a heart murmur kept him from active duty, which he always regretted.
He lived alongside a busy highway and across from a funeral home for 47 years, so this flag got an immense amount of exposure, flying it not only on special holidays but for the vigil services of many veterans and noteworthy individuals. With my sister just blocks away from the Twin Towers on 9/11, he flew it constantly over three days before we heard from her that she was safe! He truly honored the flag!

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