The participants of the Slurp and Paint.


Flag Day Slurp and Paint, June 14, 2023

Carolina Beach, NC

Here at Post 129 in Pleasure Island, N.C., we hosted an annual Flag Day event for kids 6-12. At the beginning of the event the children recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The children learned the history of the flag, and witnessed the proper handling of the flag and a flag-folding demonstration. The children then participated in painting their own flag complete with a small canvas on an easel. The pavilion was full of young little artists doing their best to paint the American flag. You could see the pride they each had with their own piece of art. Once they completed their painting, they each received a red, white and blue popsicle - hence the name Slurp and Paint! To complete the event, we had a flag-retiring ceremony. The sergeant at arms prepared the flag for proper burning while I read off the retiring procedures. The children were in awe as the flag went up in flames and asked questions about the procedures and flag history. It is so important to teach our young leaders of the future the importance of protecting our flag, and we here at Post 129 will continue to do so!

Auxiliary led the event.
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